MassageRooms – Amy Red, Pussykat


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23 227 August 31, 2017
Pussykat is ready for her stress to melt away as she prepares for a journey into relaxation. With skin as soft as a cloud, Amy Red’s magical fingers are eager to please, and she begins on the tensest part of Pussykat’s body: her shoulders. As her strong fingers and powerful thumbs penetrate through the shoulder pain, Amy’s eyes are drawn to the slipping towel that previously had covered Pussykat’s big tits. Pussykat’s thin waist and big booty are tantalizing to say the least, so Amy lies the Asian minx on her back in order to coax her into a deeper state of relaxation. Once the oil begins to drip on her skin, Pussykat forgets the towel completely, but remembers just how sexy she found Amy when she entered the room. With a blindfold doubling as a restrain, the two lesbians help each other relax further, deeper, and much more sensually than working out any knot could.