JimSlip – Luna Rival (Cute Cowgirl In Plaits)


JimSlip - Luna Rival (Cute Cowgirl In Plaits)

Members of Jimslip.com will have seen just how sex crazed the lovely Luna was in last weeks casting. Well, it’s not over yet as Lara Latex and our stylist re-modelled Luna as a sexy cowgirl complete with tiny denim shorts and her hair in plaits. How they would have viewed Luna if she’d entered a bar in Tombstone during the days of the Wild West, God only knows! In fact probably the same way I did today and that was to simply rip down those tiny denim shorts and stuff my dick into her. Anyway, being a sex maniac, Luna proceeded to fuck me in every position she could think of; pounding up and down endlessly without her breaking a sweat until she had a low gutteral orgasm lasting for at least 15 seconds. After which she proceed to milk my cock like a “Luna-tic” alarming Lara Latex in the process – she thought it was going to ripped off and r…

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