FitnessRooms – Katy Pearl, Morgan Rodriguez


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Studious nerd Morgan Rodriguez is consulting her notes on the front steps of Athletic University when sexy cheerleader Katy Pearl opens the door. Seeing the blonde nerd studying turns Katy on, so she offers Morgan a chance to put on one of the cheer squad’s outfits. Morgan is shy, but Katy insists, and soon they are in the fitness room. Katy strips Morgan of her conservative skirt and blouse, admiring the blonde’s great ass and perky tits in the process. When Morgan puts on the skimpy cheer outfit she has to admit, it does make her feel sexy. The two start to kiss, Katy eats Morgan’s pussy, and then Katy rides Morgan’s face! In their throes of pleasure they don’t hear football jock Max approach, nor do they notice when he pulls out his cock and starts to stroke, but when they finally see the head of the team fully erect they invite him for a filthy threesome that proves college are the best years of our lives.
22 620 August 28, 2017