FakeDrivingSchool – Jasmine Jae


FakeDrivingSchool - Jasmine Jae

Lad Distracted by Pussy on Test

Ryan dropped off his student, Max Deeds, for his test today. He was one of those handsome young blokes with designer stubble and green eyes who fancies himself a ladies man. Called me “babe” straight away. Well, he didn’t know who he was dealing with ! Max was making mistakes because of his ego, so I decided to increase the difficulty level, and see if he could concentrate with my hand on his dick! Of course, he was distracted immediately. He got even more flustered when I pulled my panties to the side and asked if he liked my pussy. Back at the testing centre, I gave it to him straight: he’s the world’s worst driver. I told him if he wanted to pass, he was going to have to fuck me! I deepthroated his fat cock, then sat on his face so I could rub my pussy all over it. He made me cum so hard, my legs were shaking! In the end, I couldn’t pass him. Not because he’s a danger on the road, but because I’m going to need another taste of that amazing cock.