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Sexy gamer minx strikes sexual deal

It was a hot day. A bloody hot day. The heat wave was making people do crazy things, so when Alessa Savage got into my car wearing shorts so small her ass hung out, I understood. I’m usually dressed up smart myself, but as I was wearing shorts instead of trousers due to the temperature, I couldn’t blame her for having her tits out. Alessa told me she was experienced with a car, but when she got into the driver’s seat, I was concerned for my safety! Turns out her ‘experience’ had all been in video games, but she was sure the skills transferred over: they didn’t. I told her she would need at least 20 lessons, but the gamer minx could only pay for two. Well, I was about to tell her to jog on when she tells me I’m beautiful. She looked into my eyes and we made a connection. Soon enough she was deepthroating me in the front seat and I was making her cum in the back. She definitely worked my dick better than the gear shift!