BlackIsBetter – Elsa Jean (Pretty Theft)


BlackIsBetter - Elsa Jean (Pretty Theft)

Pretty Theft
Model: Elsa Jean
Date: March 28, 2017
Likes: 45
Categories: Interracial, Outdoors, Sex Show more
Description: Lonely bachelor Nate Turner can’t believe his eyes when he sees Elsa Jean hiding under his bed. Scattered across the duvet are naked photos of him, and he realizes that she’s been pleasuring her tight pussy to them! But Nate has never seen the petite blonde before in his life. When he demands an explanation, she starts sobbing and blames an unrequited crush. The black stud almost believes her, until he spots his ex-fianc e’s diamond ring on Elsa’s finger! Turns out, this sex kitten is actually a cat burglar. But Nate strikes a deal with the naughty Elsa, if she gives his BBC a sloppy blowjob, he’ll offer her greater riches than the family jewels!Show less

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